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Science. 1994 Sep 23;265(5180):1856-60.

RPS2 of Arabidopsis thaliana: a leucine-rich repeat class of plant disease resistance genes.

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Department of Plant Biology, University of California, Berkeley 94720.


Plant disease resistance genes function is highly specific pathogen recognition pathways. PRS2 is a resistance gene of Arabidopsis thaliana that confers resistance against Pseudomonas syringae bacteria that express avirulence gene avrRpt2. RPS2 was isolated by the use of a positional cloning strategy. The derived amino acid sequence of RPS2 contains leucine-rich repeat, membrane-spanning, leucine zipper, and P loop domains. The function of the RPS2 gene product in defense signal transduction is postulated to involve nucleotide triphosphate binding and protein-protein interactions and may also involve the reception of an elicitor produced by the avirulent pathogen.

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