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Nature. 1994 Sep 22;371(6495):342-5.

Inhibition of G1 cyclin activity by the Ras/cAMP pathway in yeast.

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Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, New York 11724.


In the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae, commitment to cell division (Start) requires growth to a critical cell size. The G1 cyclins Cln1, Cln2 and Cln3 activate the Cdc28 protein kinase and are rate-limiting activators of Start. When glucose is added to cells growing in a poor carbon source, the critical cell size required for Start is reset from a small to a large size. In yeast, glucose acts through Ras proteins to stimulate adenylyl cyclase, activating the three cyclic AMP-dependent protein kinases Tpk1, Tpk2 and Tpk3 (refs 8, 9). We find that stimulation of the Ras/cAMP pathway represses expression of CLN1, CLN2 and co-regulated genes, inhibiting Start. This helps explain the increase in critical size when cells are shifted from poor to rich medium. This connection between the molecules controlling growth (Ras/cAMP) and those controlling division (cyclins) helps explain how division is co-ordinated with growth.

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