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Mutat Res. 1978 Aug;51(2):165-80.

Responses of radiation-sensitive mutants of Saccharomyces cerevisiae to lethal effects of bleomycin.


Haploid and diploid strains of yeast containing genes conferring radiation-sensitivity were studied under growing and nongrowing experimental conditions for their relative sensitivities to growth-inhibitory effects of bleomycin (BM). The rad1, rad2, rad3, rad4, rad5 (and allelic rev2), rad7, rad10, rad11, rad 12, rad14, rad15, rad16 and rev3 strains exhibited responses similar to normal (Rad+) yeast strains. It is concluded from these findings that the excision-repair function deficient in several of these mutant strains is not important for repair of bleomycin-induced damages in yeast. The sensitive strains contained rad6, rad9, rad18, rad22, rad50, rad51, rad52, rad53, rad54, rad55, rad56, rad57 and rs1. Strains bearing rad8 or rad19 could not be classified unambiguously. With one exception, all rad mutants found very sensitive to BM were sensitive to X-rays, suggesting that some aspect of the repair of BM- and X-ray-induced damages in yeast may be similar. Sensitivities to BM and radiation co-segregated in pedigrees following meiosis, and several BM-resistant revertants isolated from two rad6 mutant strains sensitive to BM, X-rays and UV were cross-resistant to all three agents. These results confirm that the rad mutants were responsible for the cross-sensitivities in the original strains.

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