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Chemotherapy. 1975;21(5):302-10.

Orally-administered silver sulfadiazine: chemotherapy and toxicology in CF-1 mice; Plasmodium berghei (Malaria) and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.


Silver sulfadiazine when administered orally and subcutaneously to CF-1 mice in doses not exceeding 1,050 mg/kg proved to have minimal toxicity. No pathology or abnormal reactions were seen in CF-1 mice after receiving 1,050 mg/kg orally and subcutaneously once a day for 30 days. Silver sulfadiazine in doses of 1,050 mg/kg, once a day for 5 days cured mice of Plasmodium berghei even after splenectomy. Parasitemia was reduced to zero in 1-3 days and antimalarial activity was not inhibited significantly with doses of 313 mg/kg/day of PABA, thereby indicating that silver sulfadiazine's antimalarial mode of action is different from that of the sulfonamides. Doses of 1,050 mg/kg/day had significant activity against systemic infections of Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

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