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Exp Neurol. 1994 Jul;128(1):97-102.

Transplant-to-host neuron migration and neurite projection from homotopically transplanted olfactory bulb as demonstrated by mouse allelic Thy-1 form.

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Department of Anatomy, Hamamatsu University School of Medicine, Japan.


Transplant-to-host neuron migration and neurite projection were demonstrated using the mouse allelic Thy-1 system, namely, BALB/c (Thy-1.2) embryonic olfactory bulb (OB) as the graft and 5- to 6-week-old AKR (Thy-1.1) OB as the host. From OB transplants inserted into the host OB, small neurons were often extensively moved mainly in the internal granular layer and showed almost the same morphology as the normal granule neurons. Some large neurons also migrated. Furthermore, inside OB the transplants sent axons mainly into the internal granular layer and dendrites into the external plexiform layer. Outside OB the axons arrived at the anterior olfactory nucleus, primary olfactory cortex, olfactory tubercle, and cortical nucleus of the amygdaloid complex. These fibers appeared to terminate in normal target areas. These findings show that the olfactory system at 5-6 weeks of age still has the capacity to integrate newly migrated neurons and to receive newly growing fibers from the transplant.

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