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Plant Mol Biol. 1994 Jul;25(4):681-91.

Expression in different populations of cells of the root meristem is controlled by different domains of the rolB promoter.

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Dip. Genetica e Biologia Molecolare, Università La Sapienza, Roma, Italy.


Selective gene expression in different populations of cells of the root apex of transgenic tobacco could be evidenced by means of GUS constructs with deletions of the rolB promoter and fusions with the CaMV 35S minimal promoter. Five regulatory regions have been broadly identified in the rolB 5' non-coding region. The presence of all five domains (A to E) directs gene expression in the root cap, in the protoderm and in the different tissues within the root meristematic region: the dermatocalyptrogen, the cortex and the vascular cylinder. Deletion of domain A (-623 to -471) selectively suppresses expression in non-meristematic cells, i.e. the root cap and the protoderm. Deletion of either domain B (-341 to -306) or E (80 bp around the TATA box) causes loss of expression in all cells of the root apex: constructs C + D + E, B + C + D, B + C are inactive. Domain D (70 bp around the CAAT box) is necessary for gene expression in the dermatogen and in meristematic cells of the cortex but not in the innermost meristematic layer: construct B + C + E is active only in vascular meristematic cells. Domain C (-216 to -158) seems to have a double regulatory role as construct B + E is no longer expressed in meristematic cells of the vascular cylinder but is very active in the protoderm. Constructs allowing gene expression in meristematic cells are also inducible by auxin in leaf protoplasts, while activation of the regulatory elements necessary for gene expression in the non-meristematic cells of the root apex do not seem to depend upon the hormone. The connection between auxin induction and meristematic expression is discussed.

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