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Math Biosci. 1994 Jun;121(2):227-34.

A geometric model for codon recognition logic.

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Praxis International, Cambridge, Massachusetts.


Known types of pairings between mRNA bases and tRNA nucleosides are shown to be consistent with the notion of a translation space TS constructed such that certain wobble-pairings cannot be used in the same translation system without engendering confusion between keto-final codon twins like AAU(ASN)/AAG(LYS) and between amino-final codon twins like AAC(ASN)/AAA(LYS). When TS is abstractly formalized using Coxeter's face-first three-dimensional projection of a four-dimensional hypercube, the resulting model suggests a specific configurational logic for codon recognition by cognate tRNAs. Although this logic will in general permit codons and anticodons to form matching configurations whose loci are six lines parallel to the axis of a cylinder, confusion of keto-final and amino-final codon twins may result from wobble-pairings whose loci are the two of these lines off the surface of the cylinder.

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