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Hum Immunol. 1994 May;40(1):8-16.

Polymorphism of antigen processing (TAP, LMP) and HLA class II genes in celiac disease.

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INSERM U25, Hopital Necker, Paris, France.


Susceptibility to CD is strongly associated with particular HLA class II molecules. However, additive genetic factors are likely to be required for the development of the disease. The polymorphic TAP and LMP genes, located within the HLA class II region, are involved in the antigen presentation pathway and thus represent candidate susceptibility genes. HLA class II DRB1, DRB3, DQA1, DQB1, and DPB1 as well as TAP1, TAP2, and LMP2 polymorphism was studied in 80 Caucasian CD patients and 213 normal controls by DNA oligotyping. The DQB1*0201 allele was found in 96.3% of CD patients and provided the highest risk (RR = 50), whereas only 89% of CD patients carried the DQ alpha 501/beta 201 heterodimer (RR = 30). The participation of the DRB3 and DPB1 locus was ruled out as it was attributed to a linkage disequilibrium on the DR3 haplotype. TAP1 and LMP2 allelic distribution was not significantly different among CD patients and controls. The TAP2-C allele was completely absent from the CD population, while it was found in 22.5% of controls. Although linkage disequilibrium between TAP2 and class II loci clearly exists in some haplotypes, TAP could act as additional susceptibility genes.

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