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Prostate. 1994 Jul;25(1):1-9.

Immediate vasoactive effect of citral on the adolescent rat ventral prostate.

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Laboratory of Developmental Pathology, Beilinson Medical Center, Petach Tikva, Israel.


The vasoactive effect of a fragrance compound, citral, on rat ventral prostate is presented. A combined method of Indian-ink perfusion and postfixation transparency was used. One single dose of citral applied on the back skin of the rat induced an immediate triple response-like effect on the prostatic vascular bed. A slight vasodilatation appeared already after 2 1/2 min, followed by a marked vasoconstriction process after 5-min postcitral administration. Toward the period of 10 min, a second vasodilatation process was noted which persisted for the following 24 hr of observation. This study has demonstrated that changes in the microvascularization of the rat prostate can be estimated by counting the number of carbon-stained blood vessels. The results obtained by this technique are closely related with the findings in the vascular network profile of the macroangiographic observations. The mechanism of action of citral on the microvascularization of the rat ventral prostate is yet unknown. Based on the present findings, we suggest that the neoplastic capacity of citral upon the prostatic epithelia is activated via a nonspecific inflammatory reaction modulated either by local release of neurotransmitters or throughout a direct effect of citral on the endothelial cells.

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