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Int Dent J. 1994 Feb;44(1 Suppl 1):107-18.

The effect of stannous fluoride on dentinal hypersensitivity.

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Department of Community Dentistry, University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio 78284-7917.


Many agents have shown varying degrees of effectiveness on pain resulting from exposed dentine. One which has shown some promising results is stannous fluoride (SnF2). The purpose of the following paper is twofold: to review and summarise the clinical literature pertaining to the relative effectiveness of solutions or gels containing SnF2 in controlling pain associated with dentinal hypersensitivity; and to statistically re-evaluate these studies in combination, in order to develop recommendations for the optimal use of SnF2 for hypersensitivity. Seven blinded clinical studies were identified and reviewed. Five of these compared 0.4 per cent SnF2 gel solution to an identical placebo. One compared a 0.4 per cent SnF2 gel solution and a 0.717 per cent F solution to an aqueous placebo. The final study compared a 0.717 per cent F solution to an aqueous placebo. Statistical power analysis and a combined meta-analysis were used to ensure adequate internal consistency and to contribute to an overall consensus of the efficacy across time. It was concluded that the 0.717 per cent F solution provides a virtually immediate and definable effect, which seems to continue for several months. This effect was present in all subjects used in the study. This solution was applied directly to the sensitive area for one minute and allowed to remain for 3-5 minutes. An additional one minute application was applied if needed. The effect of the 0.4 per cent SnF2 gel appears to be more gradual, perhaps involving a different mechanism of action. This solution requires approximately two to four weeks of continuous treatment to be effective. It was concluded that an effective strategy involving the use of stannous fluoride gel includes the application of the 0.717 per cent F solution in the office, effectively providing immediate relief. The patient would then use the 0.4 per cent SnF2 gel at home in order to achieve the long-term effect. In order to control episodic pain while the gel is developing its effect, a small amount of the 0.717 per cent F solution could be given to the patient for occasional symptomatic application.

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