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Annu Rev Physiol. 1994;56:711-39.

Hormonal signaling and regulation of salt and water transport in the collecting duct.

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Department of Medicine, Veterans Administration Medical Center, Nashville, Tennessee.


The regulation of transport in the collecting duct is under multi-hormonal control. Vasopressin stimulates water and cation transport, primarily through a V2/Gs-coupled receptor that activates adenylyl cyclase, which raises cAMP. These stimulatory effects are damped by the action of several hormones, including vasopressin itself, which activate inhibitory G proteins, stimulate phospholipid breakdown, increase prostaglandin production, raise intracellular Ca2+, activate protein kinase C, stimulate tyrosine kinases, and raise cGMP. These inhibitory signals interact with the stimulatory, cAMP-coupled signaling pathway at multiple levels. The balance between these pathways controls net salt and water transport in the collecting duct.

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