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J Immunol. 1994 Dec 15;153(12):5628-33.

HLA-G polymorphisms in African Americans.

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Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of Chicago, IL 60638.


HLA-G is a class I MHC gene most notable for its restricted tissue distribution. The unique expression of this gene in extravillous cytotrophoblast at the maternal-fetal interface suggests that HLA-G plays a critical role in human pregnancy. Previous studies have reported that HLA-G has a limited repertoire of rare alleles, unlike the classical class I alleles, which are among the most polymorphic human genes. To determine the full extent of sequence variation in this gene, we examined the nucleotide variation in the first six exons of this gene in 45 healthy African American persons. By using sensitive techniques that detect > 95% of nucleotide substitutions, we detected two sequence variations in the alpha-1 domain (exon 2) and 24 sequence variations in the alpha-2 domain (exon 3) that result in amino acid substitutions. These data indicate that HLA-G is potentially capable of presenting a wide variety of peptides and of eliciting an allogeneic response, similar to the classical class I HLA genes.

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