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Treatment of vasogenic brain edema with arginine vasopressin receptor antagonist--an experimental study.

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Department of Neurological Surgery, Kagawa Medical School, Japan.


We determined the effect of a centrally administered V1 receptor antagonist of arginine vasopressin on the brain water content in an animal model of vasogenic brain edema. Using adult rats, a cold injury was induced in the left hemisphere of the brain by applying a frozen copper rod. 50 ng of V1 receptor antagonist was administered into the left lateral ventricle 10 minutes prior to and/or 1 hour after injury. Twenty four hours after the cold injury, the brain water and sodium contents and plasma osmolality were measured. The V1 receptor antagonist significantly suppressed the increase of the brain water and sodium contents in the cortical structure adjacent to the lesion without any changes in plasma osmolality. Our results demonstrate the effectiveness of a V1 receptor antagonist of vasopressin on vasogenic brain edema.

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