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Vaccine. 1994 Aug;12(11):1000-3.

Kinetics of the vibriocidal antibody response to live oral cholera vaccines.

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Department of Medicine, University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore, 21201.


The best correlate of protection against cholera is the level of serum vibriocidal antibodies, which are primarily directed against the O antigen of Vibrio cholerae O1 and lyse V. cholerae in the presence of complement. We established the timing of peak vibriocidal antibody response using sera from safety/immunogenicity studies of live oral cholera vaccines CVD 103-HgR, CVD 103-HgR2 and CVD 110 among immunologically naive North Americans and Colombians. The serum reciprocal vibriocidal antibody titre was consistently higher 10 days postimmunization than on either day 7 or day 14. This study suggests that recent phase 2 studies of CVD 103-HgR may have underestimated the peak vibriocidal titre by collecting serum on days 7-8 rather than on day 10; future studies of live oral cholera vaccines should take these results into account to obtain the best measurement of peak immunological responses. Because of the rapid drop in vibriocidal antibody titres about 2 weeks after immunization, care must be exercised in comparing immunogenicity of different vaccine candidates, formulations, dosage levels and immunization schedules.

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