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Eur J Haematol. 1994 Oct;53(4):207-12.

Renal function in newly diagnosed multiple myeloma--a demographic study of 1353 patients. The Nordic Myeloma Study Group.

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Department of Internal Medicine, Herlev Hospital Copenhagen, Denmark.


This study describes the occurrence of renal failure among 1353 newly diagnosed cases of multiple myeloma. Renal function was evaluated by serum creatinine concentration in 1353 cases, 31% of whom had renal failure at the time of diagnosis. In 1206 cases an estimation of creatinine clearance was made. When renal failure was defined by using creatinine clearance estimation, 49% had renal failure at the time of diagnosis. Renal failure was present in 24% of patients with an M component of IgG-, 31% of IgA- and 100% of IgD-type. 52% of patients with light chain disease had renal failure. The frequency of renal failure was similar in lambda- and kappa-light chain disease. Patients with a high excretion of Bence Jones protein in the urine (> 10 g/24 h) had renal failure significantly more often than patients with lower excretion. Renal failure was related to advanced disease; 41% of patients with stage III (Durie-Salmon) disease had renal failure. Renal failure was found in 45% of patients with hypercalcaemia. When estimated creatinine clearance was used as a predictor of renal function, the same trends were found as mentioned above. In addition, the proportion of patients with renal failure was found to increase with advancing age.

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