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Gene. 1994 Oct 11;148(1):15-21.

The increase in gene expression induced by introduction of rare codons into the C terminus of the template.

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Institute of Experimental Cardiology, Cardiology Research Center, Moscow, Russia.


Short oligodeoxynucleotides (oligos) possessing two tandem Arg codons followed by TGA stop codon were inserted near the 3' end of a modified cat gene. It was found that while being decoded in vivo, the AGGAGGTGA oligo increased the yield of gene product and, in addition, caused -1 frameshifting. The 3-10-fold increase of the yield of the polypeptide was accompanied by increased accumulation of corresponding mRNA, indicating a protection from messenger decay. Transformation of the cells by a plasmid overproducing tRNA(4Arg) gene compensates for all the anomalies.

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