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Lancet. 1994 Jul 30;344(8918):303-5.

Echocardiographic investigation of inhaled nitric oxide in newborn babies with severe hypoxaemia.

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Department of Neonatology, Hôpital Universitaire, Nantes, France.


Nitric oxide inhalation can benefit newborn babies with right-to-left extrapulmonary shunt (EPS). Using doppler ultrasound, we compared the effects of nitric oxide on systemic oxygenation and mean pulmonary-blood-flow velocity (MPBFV) in severely hypoxic babies with or without EPS. With a median (interquartile range) dose of 20 (32) parts per million, oxygenation index decreased significantly in both groups (EPS, 49 [19] vs 11 [9]; non-EPS, 40 [11] vs 20 [13]). The decrease was significantly greater in the EPS group. MPBFV increased significantly in the EPS group (18 [4] vs 29 [8] m/s) only. Nitric oxide may improve systemic oxygenation in neonates with severe hypoxaemia secondary to EPS by increasing pulmonary blood flow, and in those without EPS by improving ventilation-perfusion matching.

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