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Dev Biol. 1994 Jul;164(1):37-51.

rDlx, a novel distal-less-like homeoprotein is expressed in developing cartilages and discrete neuronal tissues.

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Department of Molecular Genetics, University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, Houston 77030.


From a rat chondrosarcoma we isolated a cDNA that encodes a novel homeoprotein rDlx. The homeodomain of rDlx shows a high degree of sequence identity with those of Drosophila Distal-less, mouse Dlx, and Xenopus Xdll proteins. Northern hybridization of rDlx revealed a 1.4- to 1.6-kb RNA species in a rat chondrosarcoma and a cell line derived from this tumor and in mouse C3H10T1/2 cells, but no rDlx RNA was detected in mouse NIH3T3 fibroblasts, rat skin fibroblasts, mouse C2 myoblasts, mouse myeloma S194 cells, human B-cell lymphoma Daudi cells, or human acute myelocytic leukemia cells. RNase protection assays showed that rDlx transcripts were present at high levels in 14-day-old rat embryos, 18-day-old rat embryo skeletal tissues, and adult rat brain. rDlx RNAs were present at lower levels in newborn rat rib cartilage, 18-day-old rat embryo soft tissues, newborn rat skin, and adult rat heart. rDlx transcripts were not detected in adult rat liver, spleen, lung, kidney, testis, or skeletal muscle. In situ hybridization of rat embryos at different stages revealed that rDlx transcripts were present in otic vesicle, branchial arches, apical ectodermal ridge of limb bud, developing cartilages, perichondria of mature cartilages, mesenchymal cells of developing membranous bones, developing teeth, ganglionic eminence of the telencephalon, diencephalon, olfactory epithelia, and epidermis of the skin. rDlx RNAs were also detected in the developing parasympathetic mesenteric ganglia of the gastrointestinal tract. Hence, rDlx RNAs are mainly expressed in several neuronal tissues and developing skeletal tissues.

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