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Neuron. 1994 Jan;12(1):205-18.

Brn-3.2: a Brn-3-related transcription factor with distinctive central nervous system expression and regulation by retinoic acid.

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Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Eukaryotic Regulatory Biology Program, University of California, San Diego.


The identification and molecular characterization of Brn-3.2 has revealed a family of Brn-3-related mammalian POU proteins that share homology with the C. elegans developmental regulator Unc-86 and extended similarity with the Drosophila neurodevelopmental gene I-POU, which defines a novel POU-IV box. Brn-3.2 exhibits DNA binding properties similar to those of Brn-3.0, but its expression is uniquely regulated by retinoic acid in teratocarcinoma and neuroblastoma cells. In the developing PNS and retina, the expression pattern of Brn-3.2 is similar to that of Brn-3.0. In the caudal CNS (spinal cord, hindbrain, and midbrain) Brn-3.2 and Brn-3.0 are initially coexpressed, but diverge later in development. Rostral to the midbrain, Brn-3.2 and Brn-3.0 exhibit nonoverlapping patterns of expression, suggesting divergence of gene function in more recently evolved structures. Our analysis suggests that in the CNS Brn-3.2 is selectively expressed in postmitotic neurons, implying a role in specifying terminally differentiated neuronal phenotypes.

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