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Cell Motil Cytoskeleton. 1994;29(3):215-24.

22S axonemal dynein is preassembled and functional prior to being transported to and attached on the axonemes.

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Pacific Biomedical Research Center, University of Hawaii Honolulu 96822.


In an earlier study we reported the isolation of a cytoplasmic dynein from the cytosol of Paramecium multimicronucleatum. In this study we report the isolation and characterization of two cytosolic axonemal dyneins (22S and 12S) as well as a 19S cytoplasmic dynein from the cytosol of whole or deciliated cells using preformed bovine brain microtubules. These three dynein species were characterized according to mass, morphology, vanadate photocleavage patterns, CTPase/ATPase ratios, Km and Vmax values, temperature optima and reactivity with a mAb. For comparison, 22S and 12S axonemal dyneins (ADs) were also isolated and purified from the demembranated axonemes. The 22S and 12S soluble dyneins appear to be related to ciliary ADs in that the 22S soluble dynein is three-headed while the 12S is a one-headed dynein, as determined by negative staining. Ciliary ADs and their corresponding 22S and 12S soluble dyneins isolated from the cytosol also have similar Km and Vmax values as well as vanadate photocleavage patterns and temperature optima. A mAb raised against the soluble 22S dynein reacted with the 22S ciliary dyneins but not the 12S axonemal or the 19S cytoplasmic dynein. All isolated dyneins supported similar microtubule gliding rates but had different ionic requirements for the translocation buffer. These results suggest that: (i) the two soluble 22S and 12S dyneins are precursor molecules of the ciliary dyneins, (ii) the subunits of the outer arm dynein are already assembled in the cytosol as a three-headed bouquet, and (iii) the 22S and 12S soluble dyneins are functional prior to being transported and attached to the axonemes of the cilia.

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