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Gene. 1995 Feb 3;153(1):117-21.

Analysis of the halobacterial plasmid pHK2 minimal replicon.

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Department of Microbiology, University of Melbourne, Parkville, Australia.


The pMDS series of cloning vectors developed for use in halophilic archaea have utilized a 10.5-kb plasmid, pHK2, from Haloferax sp. Aa2.2. The minimal replicon of pHK2 has now been determined (3359 bp) and completely sequenced. No significant sequence similarity was found between the pHK2 subfragment and plasmid pHV2 from the closely related H. volcanii. However, a long open reading frame (ORF), named rep, was identified which encodes a putative protein with approx. 30% sequence identity to ORFs within plasmids pGRB1, pHGN1 and pHSB1 from Halobacterium sp. All these putative Rep proteins contain sequence motifs conserved in bacterial plasmids and phage genomes known to replicate via a rolling-circle mechanism.

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