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Lipid composition of liver peroxisomes isolated from untreated and clofibrate-treated mice and rats.

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Department of Histology, University of Gothenburg, Sweden.


Peroxisomes were isolated from liver tissue of control and clofibrate-treated adult male NMRI mice and Sprague-Dawley rats. Phospholipids, cholesterol, triglycerides and free fatty acids were measured in the peroxisomes. The fatty acid profiles of the phosphatidylethanolamine, the phosphatidylcholine, the triglyceride and the free fatty acid fractions were also analyzed. Phosphatidylethanolamine was the dominating phospholipid in peroxisomes from untreated animals. The fatty acid profiles of phosphatidylethanolamine, free fatty acids and triglycerides were similar for untreated mice and rats but differences between the species were observed in the pattern derived from phosphatidylcholine. Phosphatidylcholine was the most abundant phospholipid after clofibrate treatment. Clofibrate treatment caused an increase in the concentrations of phospholipids and unsaturated long-chain fatty acids and a decrease in the concentrations of triglycerides, free fatty acids, cholesterol and shorter saturated fatty acids.

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