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Med Phys. 1994 Oct;21(10):1611-25.

Mixed field dosimetry of epithermal neutron beams for boron neutron capture therapy at the MITR-II research reactor.

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Nuclear Reactor Laboratory, Cambridge 02139.


During the past several years, there has been growing interest in Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (BNCT) using epithermal neutron beams. The dosimetry of these beams is challenging. The incident beam is comprised mostly of epithermal neutrons, but there is some contamination from photons and fast neutrons. Within the patient, the neutron spectrum changes rapidly as the incident epithermal neutrons scatter and thermalize, and a photon field is generated from neutron capture in hydrogen. In this paper, a method to determine the doses from thermal and fast neutrons, photons, and the B-10(n, alpha)Li-7 reaction is presented. The photon and fast neutron doses are measured with ionization chambers, in realistic phantoms, using the dual chamber technique. The thermal neutron flux is measured with gold foils using the cadmium difference technique, the thermal neutron and B-10 doses are determined by the kerma factor method. Representative results are presented for a unilateral irradiation of the head. Sources of error in the method as applied to BNCT dosimetry, and the uncertainties in the calculated doses are discussed.

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