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DNA Cell Biol. 1995 Feb;14(2):163-73.

CYP52 (cytochrome P450alk) multigene family in Candida maltosa: identification and characterization of eight members.

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Department of Agricultural Chemistry, University of Tokyo, Japan.


Previously, we characterized three genes and presented evidence for an n-alkane-inducible cytochrome P450 (P450alk) multigene family in an n-alkane-assimilating and diploid-type yeast, Candida maltosa. In the present report, we isolated and characterized additional members of this gene family, including a total of thirteen P450alk-related sequences (eight genes and five of their alleles). Two sets, each consisting of two genes, were tandemly arranged in the genome. A gene replacement experiment showed that at least one gene had only a single allele in the genome. The determined nucleotide and the deduced amino acid sequences indicated that all had a characteristic constituent for P450s and exhibited amino acid identities from 94% to 37% to each other. Six genes showed relatively higher similarities to each other than to the other two genes and were thus classified into a subfamily. All the members of this subfamily were assigned to the same single chromosome, showing a good correlation between sequence similarity and chromosomal linkage. Although all the genes except for one were induced by n-alkane, their inducibilities by some other aliphatic carbon sources showed variabilities.

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