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Genomics. 1994 Sep 15;23(2):420-4.

Isolation and chromosomal mapping of genomic clones encoding the human fatty acid synthase gene.

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Department of Biochemistry, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas 77030.


We have isolated and sequenced 0.5- and 3.6-kb cDNA clones that cover the N-terminal and carboxy-terminal regions, respectively, of the human fatty acid synthase. To localize the fatty acid synthase gene and to define its genomic structure, we have also isolated overlapping genomic clones by screening two human YAC libraries with PCR primers derived from the fatty acid synthase cDNA sequences. The DNA inserts in these human fatty acid synthase YACs hybridized with human synthase-specific cDNA probes. Using biotin-labeled Alu-PCR products of the human synthase YACs as probes for fluorescence in situ hybridization, we mapped the fatty acid synthase gene to chromosome 17q25. We also screened a chromosome 17-specific cosmid library with human synthase cDNA probes and isolated 12 cosmids, all of which had EcoRI fragments in common. DNA sequencing of an amplified PCR product from the fatty acid synthase cosmids confirmed that these genomic clones contained expressed fatty acid synthase sequences. Furthermore, the results of Southern analyses suggested that a single 40-kb cosmid clone encompasses the entire coding region of the fatty acid synthase gene. The synthase gene is located on chromosome 17 near the q25 band, which is close to the telomere and could serve as an important marker in analysis of this chromosome.

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