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Mol Gen Genet. 1994 Dec 15;245(6):769-80.

Phylogenic relationships of the amino acid sequences of prosome (proteasome, MCP) subunits.

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Institut Jacques Monod CNRS, Université Paris, France.


Prosomes [or proteasomes, Multi-Catalytic Proteinase (MCP) are multisubunit protein complexes, found from archaebacteria to man, the structure of which (a 4-layer cylinder) is remarkable conserved. They were first observed as subcomplexes of untranslated mRNP, and then as a multicatalytic proteinase with several proteolytic activities. A number of sequences from subunits of these complexes are now available. Analysis of the sequences shows that these subunits are evolutionarily related, and reveals three highly conserved amino acid stretches. Based on a phylogenic approach, we propose to classify the sequenced subunits into 14 families, which fall into two superfamilies, of the alpha- and beta-type. These data, together with several recently published observations, suggest that some subunits may be interchangeable within the complexes, which would thus constitute a population of heterogenous particles.

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