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Biochemistry. 1995 Jan 17;34(2):391-6.

Isolation and in vitro phosphorylation of sensory transduction components controlling anaerobic induction of light harvesting and reaction center gene expression in Rhodobacter capsulatus.

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Department of Biology, Indiana University, Bloomington 47405.


Anaerobic induction of light harvesting and reaction center gene expression involves two transacting factors termed RegA and RegB. Sequence and mutational analysis has indicated that RegA and RegB constitute cognate components of a prokaryotic sensory transduction cascade with RegB comprising a membrane-spanning sensor kinase and RegA a cytosolic response regulator. In this study we have purified RegA, as well as a truncated portion of RegB (RegB') and undertaken an in vitro analysis of autophosphorylation and phosphotransfer activities. Incubation of RegB' with [gamma-32P]ATP and MgCl2 resulted in phosphorylation of RegB' (RegB' approximately P) over a 20-min incubation period. Incubation of RegB' approximately P with RegA resulted in rapid transfer of the phosphate from RegB' to RegA. In analogy to other characterized prokaryotic sensory transduction components, mutational and chemical stability studies also indicate that RegB' is autophosphorylated at a conserved histidine and that RegA accepts the phosphate from RegB at a conserved aspartate.

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