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J Environ Sci Health B. 1995 Jul;30(4):513-34.

Toxic effects of carbofuran and glyphosate on semen characteristics in rabbits.

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Department of Environmental Studies, University of Alexandria, Egypt.


The present study was undertaken to investigate the effect of chronic treatment with two sublethal doses of Carbofuran (carbamate insecticide) and Glyphosate (organophosphorus herbicide) on body weight and semen characteristics in mature male New Zealand white rabbits. Pesticide treatment resulted in a decline in body weight, libido, ejaculate volume, sperm concentration, semen initial fructose and semen osmolality. This was accompanied with increases in the abnormal and dead sperm and semen methylene blue reduction time. The hazardous effect of these pesticides on semen quality continued during the recovery period, and was dose-dependent. These effects on sperm quality may be due to the direct cytotoxic effects of these pesticides on spermatogenesis and/or indirectly via hypothalami-pituitary-testis axis which control the reproductive efficiency.

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