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Immunol Lett. 1995 Jan;44(2-3):189-93.

Induction of ADF/TRX by oxidative stress in keratinocytes and lymphoid cells.

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Department of Biological Responses, Kyoto University, Japan.


Adult T-cell leukemia-derived factor (ADF)/human thioredoxin (TRX) has thiol-dependent reducing activities and is known to have regulatory roles on the DNA-protein interaction and cell activation. Inducive effect of ultraviolet (UV) has been indicated because of the enhanced expression of ADF/TRX in epidermal cells of sun-exposed skin, as determined by immunohistochemical staining with antibody against recombinant ADF (rADF). We studied the effect of UVB irradiation and other oxidative stress on the expression of ADF/TRX in epithelial cells as well as lymphoid cells, as HTLV-1 and Epstein-Barr virus-transformed lymphoid cells constitutively produce ADF/TRX. Using immunohistochemical staining anti-ADF antibody, the enhancement of ADF/TRX expression on primary culture of human keratinocytes was demonstrated, 12 h after 20 mJ/cm2 UVB irradiation. Western blot analysis of the ADF/TRX protein in the cell lysates also showed the significant induction. In in situ hybridization, induction of ADF/TRX mRNA was detected after 4 h of UV exposure. ADF/TRX was also induced in a HTLV-1 (+) T-cell line, MT-1, by UVB or H2O2 dose dependently. The augmentation of ADF/TRX was observed 6 h after treatment of H2O2.

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