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Nature. 1995 May 25;375(6529):338-40.

A role for Rac in Tiam1-induced membrane ruffling and invasion.

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The Netherlands Cancer Institute, Division of Cell Biology, Amsterdam.


Rho-like GTPases have been implicated in the regulation of the actin cytoskeleton which controls the morphology, adhesion and motility of cells. Like Ras proteins, they become activated when bound GDP is exchanged for GTP, a process catalysed by GDP-dissociation stimulator (GDS) proteins. Several GDS proteins specific for Rho-like GTPases have been identified. Most of these contain a conserved catalytic domain, the DBL-homology (DH) domain, and activate Cdc42 or Rho but not Rac. We have isolated the invasion-inducing Tiam1 gene, which also encodes a protein with a DH domain. Here we show that Tiam1 is a GDS protein for Rho-like GTPases in vitro. In fibroblasts, Tiam1 induces a similar phenotype as constitutively activated (V12)Rac1, including membrane ruffling, and this is inhibited by dominant negative (N17)Rac1. Moreover, T-lymphoma cells expressing V12Rac1 become invasive, indicating that the Tiam1-Rac signalling pathway could be operating in the invasion and metastasis of tumour cells.

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