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Curr Opin Genet Dev. 1995 Feb;5(1):24-30.

Rho-related proteins: actin cytoskeleton and cell cycle.

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Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, University College School of Medicine, London, UK.


The past year has produced an abundance of data on the function and regulation of Rho-related GTP-binding proteins. In mammalian cells, it has been shown that Rho is required for contractile ring assembly at cell division, as well as for regulating extracellular factor induced actin reorganization. In addition, many new regulators and/or potential targets for Rho, Rac and Cdc42 have been characterized, including several oncogene products, protein kinases and signal transducing proteins in mammalian cells, and genes defined by cell cycle or bud emergence mutations in yeast. These provide further connections between Rho-related proteins, signal transduction pathways and changes in actin organization during cell cycle entry and progression.

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