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Mamm Genome. 1995 Mar;6(3):187-91.

Neuromuscular degeneration (nmd): a mutation on mouse chromosome 19 that causes motor neuron degeneration.

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Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor, Maine 04609-1500, USA.


Neuromuscular degeneration, nmd, is a spontaneous autosomal recessive mutation in the mouse producing progressive hindlimb impairment caused by spinal muscular atrophy. We used an intersubspecific intercross between B6.BKs-nmd2J/+ and Mus musculus castaneus (CAST/Ei) to map the nmd mutation to mouse Chromosome (Chr) 19 with the most likely gene order: nmd-(D19Sel2, Pygm)-Cntf-Pomc2-D19Mit16-Cyp2c-Got1. nmd maps near muscle deficient, mdf, and has a very similar clinical phenotype, but allele tests and histological differences suggest that nmd is a distinct mutation at a different locus. Although closely linked, nmd recombined with the candidate genes muscle glycogen phosphorylase, Pygm, and ciliary neurotrophic factor, Cntf.

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