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Microvasc Res. 1994 Nov;48(3):282-94.

Regional changes in the extravasation of albumin in the canine kidney: comparison of bradykinin and water diuresis.

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Department of Pharmacology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada.


This report describes the adaptation of the albumin bound Evans blue dye (EB) extraction technique and its use in identifying regional changes in albumin extravasation rates. We present data to justify our technical approach and highlight the use of this method by describing differences resulting from two different models of induced diuresis and natriuresis. Results observed under control conditions (Group 1) are compared to those obtained following the infusion of bradykinin (BK) into the left kidney (Group 2) or hypotonic saline-induced water diuresis (Group 3). EB and water content of tissue samples of cortex (CTX), outer medulla (OM), inner medulla (IM), and papilla (PAP) regions are reported. Under control conditions a significant heterogeneous distribution of EB and water content (wet/dry tissue weight) between zones was observed. Left kidney EB values for the CTX, OM, IM, and PAP in Group 1 were 125 +/- 11, 398 +/- 56, 763 +/- 51, and 741 +/- 52 micrograms EB/g dry tissue and respective wet/dry tissue ratios were 4.48 +/- 0.05, 5.10 +/- 0.19, 7.13 +/- 0.37, and 6.35 +/- 0.32. In Group 2, BK caused a selective increase in cortex EB content to 201 +/- 7 (P < 0.01) micrograms EB/g dry tissue, without altering water content values. Results of EB extraction in Group 3 revealed no change in the CTX but significant increases in the OM, IM, and PAP regions: 576 +/- 40 (P < 0.01), 910 +/- 60 (P < 0.01), and 850 +/- 69 (P < 0.05) micrograms EB/g dry tissue, respectively. Likewise, tissue water content values were unchanged in the CTX but significantly greater in the OM, IM, and PAP: 6.02 +/- 0.22, 8.90 +/- 0.25, and 8.40 +/- 0.17, respectively (P < 0.01, all three values). This technique clearly shows the regional heterogeneity of the renal microvascular network and allows the localization of intrarenal changes in albumin extravasation. This method provides evidence that BK increases albumin extravasation in the cortex only and that changes in the renal medulla are obtained in hypotonic saline-induced water diuresis.

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