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Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 1995 Apr 6;209(1):40-6.

cDNA cloning of murine Nrf 2 gene, coding for a p45 NF-E2 related transcription factor.

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Department of Pathology, McMaster University School of Medicine, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.


A lambda gt11 cDNA library was constructed from poly-A rich RNA prepared from circulating murine yolk sac derived nucleated erythroblasts, on day 9 of gestation. In addition to the embryonic globin genes, this library was found to contain clones for the hematopoietic specific p45 NF-E2, as well as p18 NF-E2 and p45 NF-E2 related factor 1 (Nrf 1) genes. Using a degenerate oligonucleotide 17mer probe coding for a part of the highly conserved DNA binding domain for p45 NF-E2, we have isolated murine Nrf 2, a second murine homologue related to p45 NF-E2. The murine Nrf 2 gene is expressed not only in erythroid cells, but also in the 3T3 murine fibroblast cell line.

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