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J Neurophysiol. 1995 Jan;73(1):218-26.

Size and position invariance of neuronal responses in monkey inferotemporal cortex.

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Laboratory for Neural Information Processing, Research Development Corporation of Japan, Saitama.


1. Object vision is largely invariant to changes of retinal images of objects in size and position. To reveal neuronal mechanisms of this invariance, we recorded activities from single cells in the anterior part of the inferotemporal cortex (anterior IT), determined the critical features for the activation of individual cells, and examined the effects of changes in stimulus size and position on the responses. 2. Twenty-one percent of the anterior IT cells studied here responded to ranges of size > 4 octaves, whereas 43% responded to size ranges < 2 octaves. The optimal stimulus size, measured by the distance between the outer edges along the longest axis of the stimulus, ranged from 1.7 to 30 degrees. 3. The selectivity for shape was mostly preserved over the entire range of effective size and over the receptive field, whereas some subtle but statistically significant changes were observed in one half of the cells studied here. 4. The size-specific responses observed in 43% of the cells are consistent with recent psychophysical data that suggest that images of objects are stored in a size-specific manner in the long-term memory. Both size-dependent and -independent processing of images may occur in anterior IT.

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