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Cytogenet Cell Genet. 1995;69(3-4):190-2.

Chromosomal mapping of the genes for the human cell cycle proteins cyclin C (CCNC), cyclin E (CCNE), p21 (CDKN1) and KAP (CDKN3).

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Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Cold Spring Harbor, NY, USA.


Many gene products associated with the cdk cell cycle kinases are thought to regulate the active kinase complex and thus regulate the transition points of the cell cycle. Genes encoding these proteins may potentially function as oncogenes or tumor suppressor genes. We describe the chromosomal mapping by FISH of the genes for several cdk-associated proteins including human CCNC (cyclin C) to 6q21, CCNE (cyclin E) to 19q12-->q13, CDKN1 (p21) to 6p21.2 and CDKN3 (KAP to 14q22). Some of these sites are near chromosomal translocations or LOH sites common to a variety of human tumors. The potential role for each of these genes in neoplasia is discussed.

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