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Am J Hematol. 1995 Sep;50(1):26-9.

Hb Lulu Island (alpha 2 beta 2 107[G9]Gly-->Asp)-beta zero- thalassemia (codon 15; TGG-->TAG), a form of thalassemia intermedia.

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Department of Pathology, Vancouver Hospital Health Sciences Centre, B.C., Canada.


Hb Lulu Island [beta 107(G9)Gly-->Asp] was discovered in an East Indian female who carried a common beta zero-thalassemia allele, i.e., codon 15, TGG-->TAG (is a stop codon) in trans. Both abnormalities were detected through sequencing of the amplified beta-globin genes and were confirmed by hybridization with 32P-labeled probes. Hb Lulu Island is mildly unstable with a borderline decrease in oxygen affinity; its instability is less severe than that of Hb Burke or beta 107(G9)Gly-->Arg. The compound heterozygosity expresses as a thalassemia intermedia with moderate anemia, a variable need for blood transfusions, Heinz body formation, and a red cell morphology which is typical for such a condition. The level of HbA2 was greatly increased (6.5-7.0%) as was the delta chain level (12% of total non-alpha) probably because of the instability of Hb Lulu Island and the decreased ability of the beta x chain to form dimers with the normal alpha chain.

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