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J Neurol Sci. 1995 May;130(1):25-34.

Medical and surgical treatment in neurocysticercosis a magnetic resonance study of 161 cases.

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Internal Medicine Department, Hospital Universitario U.A.N.L., Monterrey, Mexico.


In a prospective non-controlled study we have treated 161 consecutive cases of Active Neurocysticercosis (NCC) diagnosed by Magnetic Resonance (MR). Active NCC was classified in: (1) brain parenchymal cysts (85 cases); (2) ventricular cysts (24 cases); (3) subarachnoid cysts (46 cases); and (4) cysticercus racemose (6 cases). All patients had MR follow up 1 month after treatment. Twenty five patients had MR with gadopentetate dimeglumine (Gd) contrast enhancement. Cine MR was performed in one patient. Medical treatment with albendazole (ABZ) or Praziquantel (PZQ) was applied in 136 cases. Drug efficacy, assessed by disappearance of the lesion on MR, was 92.5% with ABZ and 60% with PZQ. Thirty patients were treated by surgery. Five patients of group I were treated surgically due either to refractory seizures or persistent abnormalities on MR. Ventricular cysts were removed in 20 cases; 4 cases with cysticercus racemose and one with subarachnoid spinal cyst were also treated by surgery. Two patients with 4th ventricle cysts received ABZ and ventricular shunt only. Two cases with intraventricular cysts (lateral ventricles) and two with racemose cysts were successfully treated with ABZ. The Gd infusion showed enhancement in cysts with adjacent inflammatory reaction or edema and in cases with meningeal inflammation. Cine MR was useful in the differential diagnosis with congenital arachnoid cyst. We conclude that (1) MR is sensitive in the diagnosis of active NCC and may be useful in evaluating degenerative changes in the parasite; (2) ABZ is highly effective in the treatment of parenchymal and subarachnoidal NCC; (3) Parenchymal lesions which remain with abnormal appearance on MR (Degenerative cysticerci or gliosis) and refractory seizures should be treated by surgery; (4) Cysticercus racemose without intracranial hypertension may be treated with ABZ; (5) Ventricular cysts are treated by surgical removal, however, ABZ and ventricular peritoneal shunt may also be an alternative approach.

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