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Int J Obes Relat Metab Disord. 1995 May;19(5):338-42.

The effect of a Plantago ovata seed containing preparation on appetite variables, nutrient and energy intake.

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Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, King's College London, University of London, UK.



Investigation of a Plantago ovata seed containing supplement (Plantaginis ovatae semen and testa) to determine its effect on appetite variables, nutrient and energy intake in normal subjects.


Triple blind (subjects, investigators and statisticians) cross-over design. Three, 3-day study periods when subjects were given the following treatments in randomised order: Plantago ovata preparation (20 g granules with 200 ml water), placebo (20 g granules with 200 ml water), or water (200 ml) 3 hs pre-meal and the same dose immediately pre-meal. A set meal was given at lunch time after the supplement to subjects who had fasted overnight.


Metabolic unit of King's College London.


Seventeen female subjects, all classified as non-restrained eaters.


Visual analogue scales were completely premeal, postmeal and at hourly intervals for 3 hs after the meal. All food consumed on the meal day, and the following day was weighed.


There was a significant difference in fullness at 1 h post-meal between Plantago and placebo, and also Plantago and water. Total fat intake was significantly lower in g/d and as a percentage of energy on the day of the meal after Plantago compared with water.


This plantago ovata containing product, which is already taken by many people world-wide to control bowel function, may be a useful supplement in weight control diets as it affects fat intake, and may have some effect on the subjective feeling of fullness.

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