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J Nutr. 1995 Aug;125(8):2156-64.

Absorption of fructose by isolated small intestine of rats is via a specific saturable carrier in the absence of glucose and by the disaccharidase-related transport system in the presence of glucose.

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Department of Nutritional Sciences, University of California, Berkeley 94720, USA.


Previous studies have shown that the absorption of fructose is aided by simultaneous ingestion of glucose. The aim of the present study was to reproduce this finding in vitro to better understand the mechanism of the effect of glucose on absorption of fructose. The phenomena could not be reproduced with everted sleeves of rat intestine or brush border vesicles. In a perfused segment of isolated intestine, it was possible to demonstrate that the transport of fructose was accelerated when glucose was present in the perfusion medium. The enhanced transport was inhibited by sucrose and also by acarbazone, an inhibitor of intestinal alpha-disaccharidases. Phlorizin had no effect on the transport of fructose. The results of these studies indicate that there is a specific carrier for fructose saturated with a low concentration of the sugar, and that in the presence of glucose there is joint absorption of the two sugars by the disaccharidase-related transport system.

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