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Endod Dent Traumatol. 1995 Apr;11(2):76-89.

Replantation of 400 avulsed permanent incisors. 4. Factors related to periodontal ligament healing.

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Department of Oral Medicine and Oral Surgery, University Hospital (Rigshospitalet), Denmark.


400 avulsed and replanted permanent teeth were examined for periodontal ligament (PDL) healing, using standardized radiographic and clinical examination procedures (i.e. percussion test and mobility test). The effect of various clinical factors was examined, such as age and sex of the patient, type of tooth replanted, presence of crown fracture or bone fracture, stage of root development (including apical diameter and length of the pulp), type and length of extra-alveolar storage, clinical contamination of the root surface, type of root surface cleansing procedure, type and length of splinting period and antibiotic therapy. Surface resorption was generally diagnosed after 12 months; while inflammatory resorption and replacement resorption (ankylosis) were usually observed after 1 month and 1-2 months respectively. Most resorptive processes were diagnosed within the first 2-3 years. However, although rarely, even after 5 and 10 years new resorptive processes could be diagnosed. A univariate statistical analysis of 272 teeth revealed 9 factors significantly related to PDL healing. A subsequent multivariate analysis revealed that the following 4 factors had the strongest impact upon PDL healing, in descending order of significance: Stage of root development; length of the dry extra-alveolar storage period; immediate replantation and length of the wet period (saliva or saline storage). Nonphysiological storage, such as homemade saline and sterilizing solutions (chloramine and alcohol) always led to root resorption. Storage in tap water for more than 20 minutes usually led to root resorption. The common denominator for all these factors related to PDL healing appears to be survival of the PDL cells along the root surface. Based on these findings, immediate replantation is recommended irrespective of stage of root development.

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