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Nat Struct Biol. 1994 Sep;1(9):621-37.

2.1 A resolution refined structure of a TATA box-binding protein (TBP).

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Laboratory of Molecular Biophysics, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Rockefeller University, New York, NY 10021, USA.


The three-dimensional structure of a TATA box-binding protein (TBP2) from Arabidopsis thaliana has been refined at 2.1 A resolution. TBPs are general eukaryotic transcription factors that participate in initiation of RNA synthesis by all three eukaryotic RNA polymerases. The carboxy-terminal portion of TBP is a unique DNA-binding motif/protein fold, adopting a highly symmetric alpha/beta structure that resembles a molecular saddle with two stirrup-like loops. A ten-stranded, antiparallel beta-sheet provides a concave surface for recognizing class II nuclear gene promoters, while the four amphipathic alpha-helices on the convex surface are available for interaction with other transcription factors. The myriad interactions of TBP2 with components of the transcription machinery are discussed.

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