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J Med Chem. 1995 Jul 7;38(14):2728-41.

Novel angiotensin II receptor antagonists. Design, synthesis, and in vitro evaluation of dibenzo[a,d]cycloheptene and dibenzo[b,f]oxepin derivatives. Searching for bioisosteres of biphenylyltetrazole using a three-dimensional search technique.

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Shionogi Research Laboratories, Shionogi & Co., Ltd., Osaka, Japan.


Three-dimensional substructure searching (3D search), using the program MACCS-3D, was utilized for designing novel angiotensin II receptor antagonists which contain a bioisostere of the biphenylyltetrazole moiety of DuP 753. A 3D query was prepared from an overlay model of substructures of several potent AII antagonists. The search system retrieved 139 compounds from the database MDDR-3D, which consisted of 29,400 medicinal patent compounds. A tricyclic compound was selected from the retrieved compounds and then evolved by considering steric fitness to the overlay model and synthetic feasibility. Finally, various novel AII antagonists having dibenzo[a,d]cycloheptene or dibenzo[b,f]oxepin were designed and synthesized. The receptor binding activity (Ki) for several members of this series was in the 10(-10) M range, demonstrating the ability of 3D search technique to explore new lead structures.

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