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J Clin Invest. 1995 Jul;96(1):69-77.

Immediate-early gene induction and MAP kinase activation during recovery from metabolic inhibition in cultured cardiac myocytes.

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Second Department of Internal Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Tokyo, Japan.


To investigate how cardiac myocytes recover from a brief period of ischemia, we used a metabolic inhibition (MI) model, one of the in vitro ischemic models, of chick embryo ventricular myocytes, and examined the induction of immediate-early (IE) genes mRNAs and the activity of mitogen-activated protein (MAP) kinase. We performed Northern blot analysis to study the expression of c-jun, c-fos, and c-myc mRNAs during MI using 1 mM NaCN and 20 mM 2-deoxy-d-glucose, and also during the recovery from MI of 30 min. The c-fos mRNA was induced transiently at 30 and 60 min during the recovery. The expression of c-jun mRNA was significantly augmented at 30, 60, 90, and 120 min during the recovery (3.0-, 4.7-, 2.4-, and 1.9-fold induction, respectively) and so did the expression of c-myc mRNA (1.4-, 1.7-, 1.8-, and 2.0-fold induction, respectively). In contrast, the levels of these mRNAs remained unchanged during MI. The electrophoretic mobility shift assay revealed that AP-1 DNA binding activity markedly increased at 120 min during the recovery. When the cells were pretreated with protein kinase C (PKC) inhibitors, 100 microM H-7 or 1 microM staurosporine, the induction of c-jun mRNA at 60 min during the recovery was markedly suppressed (95 or 82% reduction, respectively). The c-jun induction was partially inhibited when the cells were treated with 2 mM EGTA during MI and the recovery (42% reduction). MAP kinase activity quantified with in-gel kinase assay was unchanged during MI, but significantly increased at 5, 10, and 15 min during the recovery (3.0-, 4.1-, and 3.4-fold increase, respectively). S6 kinase activity was also augmented significantly at 15 min during the recovery. Thus, these data suggest that IE genes as well as MAP kinase may play roles in the recovery process of cardiac myocytes from MI, and that the augmentation of c-jun expression needs the activation of PKC and to some extent, [Ca2+]i.

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