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Hum Genet. 1995 Jul;96(1):33-8.

Assignment of congenital cataract Volkmann type (CCV) to chromosome 1p36.

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University Institute of Medical Biochemistry & Genetics, Department of Medical Genetics B24.4, Danish Centre for Genome Research, Copenhagen.


Congenital cataract, type Volkmann (McKusick no 115665, gene symbol CCV) is an autosomal dominant eye disease. The disease is characterized by a progressive, central and zonular cataract, with opacities both in the embryonic, fetal and juvenile nucleus and around the anterior and posterior Y-suture. We examined blood samples from 91 members of a Danish pedigree comprising 426 members, by using highly informative short tandem repeat polymorphisms and found the closest linkage of the disease gene (CCV) to a (CA)n dinucleotide repeat polymorphism at locus D1S243 (Zmax = 14.04 at theta M = 0.025 theta F = 0.000), at a penetrance of 0.90. Using two additional chromosome 1 markers, we were able to map the CCV gene in the sequence 1pter-(CCV, D1S243)-D1S468-D1S214. The (enolase 1) gene has been mapped to this area; however, a mutation described in this gene did not give eye disease.

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