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Cell. 1995 Jun 30;81(7):1043-51.

A nonmammalian homolog of the PAF1 gene (Zellweger syndrome) discovered as a gene involved in caryogamy in the fungus Podospora anserina.

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Institut de Génétique et Microbiologie, Université Paris-Sud, Orsay, France.


The car1 gene of the filamentous fungus Podospora anserina was cloned by complementation of a mutant defective for caryogamy (nuclear fusion), a process required for sexual sporulation. This gene encodes a protein that shows similarity to the mammalian PAF1 protein (Zellweger syndrome). Besides sequence similarity, the two proteins share a transmembrane domain and the same type of zinc finger motif. A combination of molecular, physiological, genetical, and ultrastructural approaches gave evidence that the P. anserina car1 protein is actually a peroxisomal protein. This study shows that peroxisomes are required at a specific stage of sexual development, at least in P. anserina, and that a functional homolog of the PAF1 gene is present in a lower eucaryote.

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