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J Cell Physiol. 1995 Nov;165(2):313-22.

Changes in expression and subcellular localization of annexin IV in rabbit kidney proximal tubule cells during primary culture.

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LBBN, URA 1820, Faculté des Sciences de Saint Jérôme, Marseille, France.


In the present study, we investigated the polarized expression of annexin IV at various stages in the growth of rabbit kidney proximal tubule cells (PTC) in primary cultures. The results of immunoblotting analysis and indirect immunofluorescence studies using a specific anti-annexin IV monoclonal antibody, indicated that annexin IV is expressed in proximal tubule cultured cells, although it was not detected in the proximal tubules present in frozen sections of kidney cortex and freshly isolated proximal tubule cells. In either non-confluent or confluent cells which remained attached to the collagen-coated support, annexin IV was mainly concentrated around the nucleus, whereas in PTC forming the monolayer of domes, it was restricted to the basolateral membrane domain. This basolateral localization was identical to that observed in other polarized epithelial cell types such as enterocytes. When the domes burst, the cells returned to the collagen-coated support and the annexin IV was again localized around the nuclei. The fact that the change of localization was very rapid suggested the existence of a considerable difference between the differentiation states of dome forming and adherent confluent cells. Moreover, a transient association of annexin IV with the basal body of apically located cilia also seemed to be correlated with a particular polarization state and/or differentiation states of adherent cultured cells, corresponding to the beginning of the polarized expression of aminopeptidase N, a hydrolase located in the apical brush border membrane, and to the falling of cells onto the support, subsequent to the bursting of the domes. In conclusion, these results provide evidence that annexin IV may constitute a new marker of the basolateral membrane domain of polarized epithelial renal cells in primary cultures.

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