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Int J Cancer. 1995 Nov 3;63(3):442-9.

Tenascin and fibronectin isoforms in human renal cell carcinomas, renal cell carcinoma cell lines and xenografts in nude mice.

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Department of Anatomy, University of Helsinki, Finland.


We studied the expression of tenascin (Tn) and isoforms of fibronectin (Fn) in human renal cell carcinomas (RCC) and oncocytomas, in RCC cell lines and in their s.c. implanted xenografts in nude mice. In well-differentiated RCCs and oncocytomas extra-domain A (EDA)-Fn and Tn immunoreactivities were confined to the basement membranes and blood vessels, while in less-differentiated RCCs they were also widely seen in the stroma, correlating with the morphological differentiation of the tumor. Expression of EDB-Fn and oncofetal (onc)-Fn was very scarce in most of the RCCs and oncocytomas. Western blotting results demonstrated the predominance of the M(r) 190,000 Tn subunit in most RCCs. Among the 4 RCC cell lines, 3 showed Tn in the extracellular matrix. As xenografts, they formed moderately or poorly differentiated tumors, with abundant Tn. Three of the RCC cell lines also showed secretion of EDA-Fn and 2 of them secretion of onc-Fn and EDB-Fn into the culture medium, while in xenografts there was a strong expression of all Fn isoforms. In xenografts, the expression of Tn closely recapitulated that seen in clinical tumors and in the cell lines in vitro, while the expression of Fn isoforms in cultured cells and their xenografts was highly discordant.

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