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Int J Cancer. 1995 Oct 9;63(2):205-12.

Variable expression of CD3-zeta chain in tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes (TIL) derived from renal-cell carcinoma: relationship with TIL phenotype and function.

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D├ępartement de Biologie Clinique, Institut Curie, Paris, France.


It has been reported that in mice and in humans, tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes (TIL) may exhibit a defect in CD3-zeta-chain expression. Therefore, the level of CD3-zeta was analyzed in TIL derived from patients with renal-cell carcinoma, and its correlation with TIL phenotype and function was assessed. We identified 4 out of 13 tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes derived from renal-cell carcinoma, with a significant decrease in CD3-zeta-chain expression as compared with control peripheral-blood lymphocytes. This defect was never found after culturing TIL with IL2. In one case, the low expression of zeta chain observed in TIL on day 0 was reversed when TIL were cultured with IL2. The zeta-chain level did not seem to predict the growth of TIL in response to IL2. All the TIL, irrespective of the level of zeta-chain expression, exhibited lower proliferative response when stimulated with PHA or anti-CD3 MAb in comparison with normal peripheral-blood mononuclear cells. Nevertheless, in this limited series of patients, a correlation was observed between the level of zeta-chain expression and T-cell infiltration (p = 0.02). After TIL stimulation with PHA or anti-CD3, in contrast to IL2 or IFN-gamma production, a trend towards a relationship between TNF alpha induction and the level of zeta-chain expression was observed.

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