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Biopolymers. 1995 Oct;36(4):453-60.

Bioactive peptides: conformational studies of [Tyr4] cyclolinopeptide A.

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CNR, Università di Napoli Federico II, Dipartimento di Chimica, Italy.


The solid state conformational analysis of [Tyr4] cyclolinopeptide A has been carried out by x-ray diffraction studies. The crystal structure of the monoclinic form, grown from a dioxane-water mixture [alpha = 9.849 (5) A, b = 20.752 (4) A, c = 16.728 (5) A, beta = 98.83 (3) degrees, space group P21, Z = 2], shows the presence of five intramolecular N-H...O = C hydrogen bonds, with formation of one C17 ring structure, one alpha-turn (C13), one inverse gamma-turn (C7), and two beta-turns (C10, one of type III and one of type I). The Pro1-Pro2 peptide unit is cis (omega = 5 degrees), all others are trans. The structure is almost superimposable with that of cyclolinopeptide A. The rms deviation for the atoms of the backbones is on the average 0.33 A.

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